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In my book TRAPPED I outline the specific skills needed to step into your personal power. Moving away from feeling like a prisoner to knowing, ” I AM BOSS of ME!” I also identify 5 key barriers to developing these skills, and how we limit ourselves by believing certain truths in our work relationships and how we relate to our performance. The first step identifies is to create awareness. How emotionally literate are you?

This step, as well as the other 4, each have identified skills we can develop to move us forward in our personal empowerment journey. This skills move us past the barriers outlined in TRAPPED, facilitate our personal growth, and puts our goals within our sights and grasp.

This complimentary assessment guides you in identifying which skills are facilitating your success- rely on those! It also identifies which skills are derailing you and need either development or a high level of awareness.

After you receive your scores, you will have a strong sense of your EQ strengths and opportunities. This will guide your development plans choice of opportunities!

Lets get this party started!

With warmth and regard,

Coach Cora


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